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What will Miami Heat pay to keep Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem next season?

How does Miami deal with resigning four free agents and the two major salary bumps coming up? Dwyane Wade loves being back with the Miami Heat. “Miami!!! I missed you. We’re back from AllStar and we have...

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Report: Heat to explore Tyler Johnson trade

Johnson’s contract will be difficult to move. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported Monday that the Miami Heat will explore trading Tyler Johnson as early as this summer. Jackson added that Johnson’s...

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Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic’s All-Star experience was everything

The Miami Heat’s Goran Dragic was named to his first All-Star Game, and the honor was bigger than his impact on the game. The Miami Heat‘s Goran Dragic played in his first All-Star Game Sunday...

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What Dwyane Wade’s return to Wade County means to the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat’s prodigal son has returned home, but what does that mean exactly? You may have heard the news, but in case you haven’t… Dwyane Wade is finally back in a Miami Heat uniform....

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Golden State’s CMO is leaving for the Miami Marlins

After nearly five years with the Warriors, Chief Marketing Officer Chip Bowers is taking his talents to South Beach. You may not have heard of Chip Bowers, but he’s played a huge role for the Golden State...

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Since LeBron James left the Miami Heat has become “wandering generality” instead of “meaningful specific”

In last 3-plus seasons, Miami has a cumulative record of 163-155, i.e. the definition of mediocrity. Standing at 30-28 at the All-Star Break, this season summarizes the identity of the Miami Heat lately:...

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The Miami Heat Tip Off, Week One: The team goes back to work

Welcome to the Miami Heat Tip Off: a weekly AllUCanHeat column, breaking down previews and challenges ahead. The 30-28 Miami Heat are still enjoying some time off, thanks to a much-needed All-Star break....

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Miami Heat: 3 pivotal storylines post All-Star break

Having struggled mightily entering the All-Star break, here are three key storylines to follow over the final stretch of the season for the Miami Heat. The annual All-Star break came at an ideal time for...

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Player Spotlight: James Johnson (2/19/18)

Player Spotlight: James Johnson (2/19/18)

James Johnson's past week could be summed up quite easily, as it was all about aggressive and assertive attacks to the bucket.

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球员亮点:詹姆斯约翰逊 (2/19/18)

球员亮点:詹姆斯约翰逊 (2/19/18)


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The bond between the Miami Heat and LeBron James will never remain a broken one

An ESPN poll of 58 NBA players reveals LeBron James’ Miami experience remains a story for the ages. Some NBA players say LeBron James should return to Miami Heat if he leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers. An...

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Miami Heat: The Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside show

How well can Miami Heat stars Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside work together? The Miami Heat now have two stars they can rely on to work together, to change their season around. Hassan Whiteside couldn’t...

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Josh Richardson shows off his DJ skills

Josh Richardson explained his passion for music during the TNT talent segment during All-Star Weekend. When he’s not draining threes, or blocking shots Josh Richardson has a passion for music. DJing has...

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Miami Heat All-Stars, past and present, were out in Los Angeles selling South Beach

Goran Dragic wasn’t the only Heat franchise representative in Los Angeles enjoying the festivities. Miami Heat players from today, yesterday, and maybe tomorrow were in Los Angeles for a great weekend,...

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Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington comes up short in All-Star 3-Point Contest

Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington finished just shy of the championship round of the NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest. Wayne Ellington’s performance in the 2018 All-Star NBA 3-Point Contest was a metaphor...

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How the Miami Heat can now turn their season around

Can the Miami Heat, now with the additions of both Dwyane Wade and Luke Babbitt, turn their season around in time for the playoffs? There is more hope now than ever that this Miami Heat team can find an...

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Wayne Ellington weighs in on LeBron/Ingraham controversy

Ellington shot back at the suggestion that athletes shouldn’t talk about political issues. Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s critical comments to LeBron James drew a strong retort from Dwyane Wade. Now Wayne...

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Guide to Team LeBron roster in 2018 All-Star Game with Goran Dragic

Find out the other players on Dragic’s team in tonight’s All-Star game. The Miami Heat got their All-Star, but who will be Goran Dragic’s teammates in the new NBA All-Star format? Let’s look at the roster...

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A look at Miami Heat guard Wayne Ellington taking on the 3-Point Contest

This year’s NBA All-Star 3-point contest will be nothing short of exciting, as it includes Miami Heat guard Wayne Ellington. Saturday, February 17 marks the return of the NBA State Farm All-Star...

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Former Miami Heat player Chris Bosh determined to make NBA comeback

Chris Bosh is looking to return to the hardwood, after a two-year NBA absence. If you don’t succeed at first, try, try again. Unless, of course, you are a two-time NBA champion who was diagnosed with life...

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