2018 NBA Trade Scenario: DeMarcus Cousins sign-and-trade with Wizards that includes Pelicans plucking Marc Gasol and Mike Conley out of Memphis

Throwing darts at a tiny dartboard, part I-1/2: New Orleans Pelicans possible offseason moves with limited resources — the sign-and-trade The Pelicans offseason hinges on the DeMarcus Cousins decision. Will he sign? Will he walk? Will he agree to a sign-and-trade? In this series, I will look at ways to build a team that finds itself in any of those scenarios. Last week I started this series that will look at the three ways the Pelicans can pivot the franchise based off of the DeMarcus Cousins...

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3 months ago, The Bird Writes, New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, Washington Wizards

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