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Where Miami Heat players rank in ESPN fantasy basketball list

Yet another way to gauge the talent level of the Miami Heat team emerges. Literally hundreds of opinions exist on how the Miami Heat will perform in 2017-18. What makes the Heat case so complex are the obstacles they faced in having their cap space severely limited by the absence of Chris Bosh and the ongoing injury problems throughout the season. Then the 13-game winning streak make a wreck of how to judge the team. The exodus of All-Stars to the Western Conference during the summer further complicates...

Read 2 months ago, Hot Hot Hoops, Miami Heat, Fantasy

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Player Spotlight: James Johnson (11/20/17)

Player Spotlight: James Johnson (11/20/17)

Although James Johnson had been struggling heading into the week, he flipped the script and played better over the HEAT’s last three game

Read 19 hours ago, Miami Heat, Miami Heat


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