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New York Knicks: 3 reasons to be thankful for this team

It’s been a minute since the New York Knicks evoked a feeling of thankfulness within their weary fans. Yet, this is a new year and definitely a new team. The New York Knicks traded away one of the...

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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Explains Why He Would’ve Chosen Duke Over North Carolina

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Explains Why He Would’ve Chosen Duke Over North Carolina

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant took to Twitter Sunday night to explain why he would've chosen Duke over North Carolina if he went to college...

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Stephen Curry Warns Fans to Be 'Mindful' When Trying #CurryChallenge Trick Shot

Even Stephen Curry knows when the #CurryChallenge is getting out of hand. A Twitter post of a fan's attempts to replicate Curry's layup-line shot recently went viral, featuring some disruptions to unsuspecting...

Read 1 hour ago, Bleacher Report

Boston Celtics: Top Rookies Clash against Mavericks

The Boston Celtics are looking to extend their historic streak against the Dallas Mavericks, and this could be one of their easier games so far. They have played a lot of close games, against good and...

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LeBron James is ‘all for’ Reggie Jackson’s free throw trolling, says he has done it too

Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson and his trolling tactics have at least one notable fan: LeBron James.Speaking with reporters on Monday before his Cleveland Cavaliers played the Pistons, James was...

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Rajon Rondo: The key, a cog, or a mirage?

A key, when reduced to its simplistic definition, is used to unlock various things. Most keys are used on doors. Allowing access to new places and disallowing access to those not permitted. A cog is not...

Read 1 hour ago, Pelican Debrief, New Orleans Pelicans

He’s Not Perfect, But Luke Walton Is Not Byron Scott

He’s Not Perfect, But Luke Walton Is Not Byron Scott

Since the start of the season, it's been clear that fans' honeymoon period with Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton is over...

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Indiana Pacers: Lance Stephenson is finding a groove

The Indiana Pacers are on a three-game win streak. Lance Stephenson hitting his stride is a big reason for that. Lance Stephenson, as I wrote about not too long ago, was struggling early on in the season....

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NBA Player Shoes Christmas Gift Guide

If you wanna play like one of the best players, you gotta lace up some of the best players signature shoe. Represent your favorite player with some of the best basketball shoes in the NBA. NBA players...

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Washington Wizards: The case for playing Jason Smith over Ian Mahinmi

Big man Jason Smith has found himself on the outside of the Washington Wizards’ rotation but he needs more playing time sooner rather than later. It’s only been 16 games, but it’s been...

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San Antonio Spurs: 2017-18 season player rankings for Week 5

The latest San Antonio Spurs player rankings for Week 5. Week 5 saw the San Antonio Spurs play three games, winning two and losing one. This brought its record to 10-6, with Week 6’s slate starting...

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NBA Schedule Reform, or is Adam Silver “givin’ us the business”?

A funny thing happened last summer on the NBA’s way to schedule re-forum.They started out with a 24-week model that had been in use for some forty years – and came away with a refurbished upgrade comprised...

Read 1 hour ago, Celtics Life, Boston Celtics

5 keys to the Timberwolves early success

It has been 12 years since the Timberwolves last found themselves five games over .500. What factors have led to the team’s success to put them in this position early on? As it stands right now,...

Read 1 hour ago, Dunking with Wolves, Minnesota Timberwolves

CLPod 042: Boston beats the Warriors, and the streak continues

Improbably, the Boston Celtics win streak continues unabated.The Golden State Warriors came to crush the upstart Celts like a bug, but left with a bad taste in their mouth instead....

Read 2 hours ago, Celtics Life, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors

Robin Lopez and T.J. Warren exchange contact, heated words (video)

Robin Lopez and T.J. Warren exchange contact, heated words (video)

Bulls and Suns get into it

Read 2 hours ago, NBC Sports

Can the Houston Rockets have a top-5 defense?

The Rockets have surprised with how good their defense has been early on this season. The Houston Rockets have been a solid defensive team so far this season. The currently sit at 7th in the league in...

Read 2 hours ago, Space City Scoop, Houston Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans: Is Ian Clark getting a fair shake off the bench?

In 14 games this season, Ian Clark hasn’t lived up to the hype surrounding his signing this past summer. The fourth-year sharpshooter can turn things around, but he’ll need to address the woes...

Read 2 hours ago, Hoops Habit, New Orleans Pelicans

Game Day Preview – OKC Thunder start tough week vs. Pelicans

Entering week six the OKC Thunder are still developing chemistry and figuring out how to best utilize their stars.  Tonight they face the New Orleans Pelicans, another team seeking roster balance. Each...

Read 2 hours ago, Thunderous Intentions, Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans

Detroit Pistons will no longer be going to Orlando for summer league basketball

The Detroit Pistons have been attending the Orlando Summer League for years, including all three offseasons with Stan Van Gundy as head coach. In wake of the news that Orlando will be closing its summer...

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Nuggets Coach Mike Malone Calls The Lakers ‘A Good Defensive Team’

The Los Angeles Lakers have done their best work on the defensive side of the ball all season...

Read 2 hours ago, Lakers Nation, Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets


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